01. Getting To Know Me


Hello – my name’s Wilf and I’m the Bear-faced Blogger. I also have a bear chest, bear arms and bear legs. That’s because I’m a bear.

I’m lucky enough to live in a village in the Craven dales in Yorkshire with my big brother Weg and our enormous brother Rupert, who are also bears.


Our mum looks after us. She’s called Hazel, or Hazel Mary Martell if you want to give her her full name. She says she’s not a bear, but I’m not so sure as she can be a bit grizzly at times, especially when things aren’t going the way she wants them to. Mind you, I’ve never seen her wear her ears on top of her head, so maybe she’s right and she’s not a bear after all.

Hazel's Photo

Once upon a time, long before I was born, my mum was on the way to becoming a rich and famous writer. She’d written two novels which had sold well and her publisher had asked her to write a third one, which he said would be a “break-through” novel and make her lots of money. Unfortunately when she was half-way through writing it, disaster struck her family. As a result, she struggled to finish the novel and, as her heart wasn’t in it, it was a complete flop and she never became either rich or famous.

She still had ideas for stories, however, and over the years did lots of research and made pages of notes for them, but she never got round to writing them, mostly because she was never well-organised and so couldn’t make enough time to sit down and get on with it.

But earlier this summer she had a big birthday and me and my brothers got together and told her it was time she stopped making excuses and started writing in earnest. I told her I’d help her by blogging about her writing and how well she’s doing to give her some encouragement. That was a big fib, however, because I’m actually going to blog about what it’s like being a writer’s bear and having to listen to all the excuses – her favourite one is that she’ll start writing once she’s got the house tidied up, which she’s said more times than a little bear can count!

I’m also going to blog about our adventures and the funny things that happen along the way – and put up lots of photos,  once I’ve shown Mum how to take them on her new smart phone (which I think is smarter than she is, but don’t tell her I said so!!).

I might even tell you a bit about her writing, if she ever gets started.

That’s all for today, but now you know who I am and what I’m doing, I hope you’ll visit me again soon.

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