Me and Mum had planned to tell you more about Grandpa Graham’s war this week. We made a good start. Then we realised that, to do it properly, we needed to do some more research. We also needed to look at a map of North Africa to find out where some of places were that he went to, especially those that now have different names/spellings from what they had in the 1940s. So, we’ll be continuing his story next week and meanwhile I’ll tell you what else we’ve been doing.


But, first of all, just look at what Mum’s bought me. It’s just like Grandpa Graham used to drive, but a lot smaller…

And the writing in the box tells you about the important part these vehicles – and their drivers, of course – played in the war in the desert.

wilf in africa

Then we’ve been thinking about Christmas. Mum says she’s going to try and celebrate it on the right day this year. This is because she’d so much to do in December last year that it was New Year’s Day before she could sit down and write her Christmas cards. I thought that was a bit embarrassing, but Mum said that her friends would understand. She also said they’d be pleased to get a Christmas card so late as it would stand out from all the others that arrived on time.


I’m better organised than Mum, however, and I’ve already designed my Christmas cards. I’ve also had them printed, as you can see…

b card christmas

And while we were having those done, we also designed a new postcard to advertise Mum’s novel, When Daffodils Bloom. This will be published on March 20th (which in 2020 is the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere), when daffodils will be in full bloom in parks and gardens everywhere.

Then there was a little bit more exciting news when Mum found out about The Little Book Club, which is based in Batley where she went to school.

She also worked as a Saturday girl in Woolworths there and later worked in Batley library, and so has connections with the town, even though she never actually lived there.

batley lb.jpg

being a writer.png

The Little Books are about 2000 words in length and Mum is planning to write two of them. The first one will be called Being A Writer, which – believe it or not!! – will be about her life as a writer. And the second one will be titled Writing in Emily’s Shadow, which will be about how she came to write Master of Wuthering Heights. This is a retelling of Emily Bronte’s story, but from Heathcliff’s point of view, and is due out on Yorkshire Day (August 1st) 2020.

Mentioning  the Brontes reminds me that earlier in the week me and Mum and Tracey, one of our bestest friends, went to Haworth where the three sisters wrote their famous books.

Bronte Parsonage Museum, Haworth

It was a glorious day and there was a surprising number of tourists for a Monday in mid-November, but for once we weren’t sight-seeing, but had just gone for a meal at the Old White Lion.


wilf and sooty

We had our favourites – Tipsy Chicken (which is chicken cooked in a creamy sauce made with white wine, spring onions and mushrooms), followed by Pavlova with raspberries, strawberries and blue berries  – and Mum took this lovely photo of me sitting on the bar next to Sooty, who used to be on the television when she was a little girl.

And while we were in Haworth the news broke that the Bronte Society had succeeded in its bid to buy one of Charlotte Bronte’s Little Books at an auction in Paris. Measuring just 35mm/1.38 inches by 61mm/2.4 inches, it was written in 1830 when Charlotte was 14 years old. It contains three short stories and will be joining the other four of Charlotte’s Little Books which are already in the Parsonage Museum in Haworth.

little book charlotte.jpg.png

wilf gif £.gif

When I saw how much they’d paid for it – £512,000, plus costs – I asked Mum if she’d be getting this much when she writes her two books for the Little Book Club. She says that that’ll be a labour of love, however, and she won’t get any money at all, but she will enjoy writing them and hopes that people will enjoy reading them in due course.

That’s all for today as I want to get on with researching the next instalment of Grandpa Graham’s war, but I’ll be back again soon with more tales for you to read.




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